Why Web Apps?

Centralized Files

With a single repository for all your files, they become easier to manage. You have increased security by controlling who has access to your files (and when and from where). You can also make detailed records of anyone accessing your documents. When all files are kept on one server, they become easier to backup and are immune to individual computer failure.


Having data available through a web browser has several inherent benefits. Now Mac and Windows users can operate the same program simultaneously. Data is available 24-7 and is easier to share with a group or office or the public. You can access your files from your office, from another office, at home, on-site, in a hotel, coffee shops, libraries, on PDA’s, mobile phones, handheld devices, etc…

Ease of Use

Web based applications are growing in popularity due to their efficiency. Only one installation of the application need be made, so no need to install the program on every computer running the software. And because all updates are made on only the server, upgrades are immediately, automatically, and globally applied to any computers that use the program. No need to compile and reinstall.  Also, when all operators are using the same static system the time and cost of training is reduced.


Because most web-apps use open-source software, the source code is easily tailored to your individual needs. There are thousands of web applications available. All may be used in conjunction with one another or with more popular localized applications.

Low Cost

Web-apps have many cost benefits, the most obvious being that the software itself is often free. Latent benefits arise from the free upgrades and revisions and the independence from expensive, per user, licensing fees. The only cost is usually for development, installing, modifying, customizing, or creating new applications. These are one-time fees and are usually much less than proprietary solutions.