Is Refurbished Equipment Worth It?

If you are in the market for a new electronic device, you may be considering buying refurbished.  A factory refurbished item is usually repackaged and sold at a discounted price.  Not quite as low as used, but there are some advantages.  For example most refurbished items carry the same warranties an guarantees as a new item.  So you get a little more piece of mind than buying used.

So you may be wondering, what’s the catch?  Why was this refurbished?  Was it damaged or defective?  Can I really trust this equipment?

I would contend that refurbished is better than new.  Let’s take a new Apple computer for example.  If you need an Apple computer, it can be quite expensive compared to similar devices.  So you will look for any discount you can get.  But you decide you want to make sure it is tip-top and buy it in factory new condition.  That computer was made and packaged in China taken right off the assembly line and shipped straight to the US warehouses or right to your door?  You feelings about American made vs. foreign aside, this is the fact.

If you buy a refurbished Apple computer, it was repaired (or maybe just returned for no mechanical reason) scrutinized by an engineer in Cupertino CA, and found to be in excellent condition.  This engineer put his name and reputation behind this computer being in a condition good enough to resell and give a full warranty.

I always buy refurbished.  And I am always happy about my decision.

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